Immersive Experience


The fulldome films shown inside VIDARIUM immerse visitors in a unique wonderland of relaxation. They are completely surrounded by visuals and music, they can relax with open eyes.

The immersive experience inside VIDARIUM is comparable with the immersive feeling inside a Planetarium.

The images are projected on a dome, filling the entire 360º by 180º. By this reason, the projection is also called "fulldome". The images covers a substantial fraction of the visual field of the spectators. Surrounded by moving images, as well as sound, the spectator is immersed and transported into the scene, which makes the overall experience much more intense than traditional cinema.

With the right content on the dome, a visit in VIDARIUM can be relaxing and healing.

New Attraction for Spas

Customers in spas are typically accustomed to “closing their eyes” while experiencing relaxation - with VIDARIUM, they now have an opportunity to view relaxing moving images on the ceiling from a sitting or face up position conveying different moods with their eyes open. VIDARIUM immersive video domes are a brand new attraction for spas that can help engage, awe, and retain spa customers.

Healing from the Ceiling

VIDARIUM can bring healing and positive relaxation:

It’s use is to enhance and expand the relaxation experience allowing the mind to engage in visually calming and inspiring images that ricochet through the brain/ mind/ nervous system increasing the production of calming neuro chemicals through the endocrine/ hormonal systems. This can be a healing and meditative experience. (Tara Herron)