Cosmic Dance - Immersive Cinema Fulldome Movie


Western science and ages-old spiritual wisdom have been considered as contradictions for a long time. With the rise of quantum and particle physics and new knowledge in astrophysics, our minds have been opened to a new perception of the universe. Yet we find unexpected and astonishing parallels to old wisdom passed on over millennia by ancient spiritual traditions all over the world.

Cosmic Dance is an award-winning immersive film featuring these fundamental changes in philosophy. It's an artful, inspiring journey through a new consciousness, combining documentary content with fictional scenes and Bollywood-style dancing.

In the movie, the young Indo-Canadian physics student Leela leads us on a colorful cosmic dance. She discovers that the universe and life are connected and one; matter and spirit are not separated; and love is the fundamental energy. She speaks in dialogues with international scientists and spiritual teachers, and travels to her homeland India, where she finds the ancient wisdom is still alive — that modern science and universal thinking are not in contradiction, but one reality.

Cosmic Dance is a feast for the eyes and the mind, with breathtaking choreography creating an unforgettable cinema experience.

Cosmic Dance is now available as version for regular screens.


  • Pooja Salvi as Leela


  • Dr. Archana Sharma, physicist at CERN, Switzerland
  • Swami Veda Bharati, spiritual teacher, India
  • Dr. Rathnasree Nandivada, director Nehru Planetarium, India
  • Douglas Cardinal, architect, First Nations shaman, Canada
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Dürr, physicist and laureate of the Alternative Nobel Prize, Germany

Directed by Harald Singer
Produced by Bettina Pfändner
Written by Harald Singer, Bettina Pfändner, Stephanie Karge
Created for the Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization, Toronto, Canada


2011 GOLD REEL – Achievements in Media Excellence MCA-I Media festival, USA
2010 GOLD – Category International, ITVA Festival, Germany
2010 Honorable Mention - Best of Life Action, Fulldome Festival Jena, Germany


Running time: 45:00
Suitable for: General Public
Information about: Cosmology, quantum physics, philosophy, Hindu culture
Year of production: 2010